Youth Fraternity for Change is a dynamic young women and girl’s organization that was found and registered in 2014 as company limited by guarantee Reg No.80020000147387 working in Mbarara, Ibanda, Ntugamo and Isingiro Districts south western Uganda. YFC’s role is to empower vulnerable girls and young women to overcome social and economic challenges they interface.


YFC’s programs aims at achieving women rights, ending violence against young women and girls (sexual violence), ending child marriage, girl/women economic empowerment and girl education to enhance  gender equality and improve the position of young women and girls in society.


Our work enables opportunities for marginalized, discriminated, poor and vulnerable young women and girls to engage in processes to change their lives and their circumstances. Furthermore, we seek to address both the symptoms and the causes of injustices and imbalances through actions that produce tangible, lasting changes hoping to strengthen individuals and communities in their efforts to address their own development priorities into the future.